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Automotive Building Tools

At A1 Plant Sales we have been providing the best in automotive building tools for 16 years for all the best brands.

We started from our small shop in Newport and since then expanded year on year with the foundation of providing excellent high grade equipment mixed with fantastic customer service. 

We have for many years we have provided high grade mechanics tools for you to get on with your day to day services for your automotive customers or even specialist tools for motorcycles. We have a series of high grade sprocket and ratchet sets for a low price to fuel barrel transfer hand pumps.

If you are looking for specialist electrical equipment then we have a car battery charger for you day to day needs and not just for the mechanic either, if you are a driver this is an essential tool for you to have.

All of our products come straight from the manufacturer, therefore come with full manufacturers warranty. If you want to find out more about our fantastic range of automotive building tools that we have in stock in our hig warehouse then you can speak to one of our highly experienced team each of which have a wealth of experience in the tools we have on offer.

So come and take a look at our range of automotive building tools we have on offer at A1 Plant Sales today!