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A1 Plant Sales Ltd. is a one stop destination to meet your fuel oil transfer requirements. We offer you high quality diesel oil pumps and other transporting machinery. You can use them for either personal or commercial purposes.

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You can select syphon pumps, jerry can spout kits & water cans, washer water filters, diesel transfer fuel pumps, diesel transfer nozzles & hoses and many more.

We bring you products from some of the biggest brands in the country like DYNATEC, Draper and Wavian.

If you want to empty a water container without breaking your back, the syphon pump can be of use. In case you want to transport several litres of diesel, you can use our portable transfer fuel pump. The semi-rotary is suitable for both diesel and bio-diesel. Available in various configurations, our diesel oil pumps are ideal for multiple applications.

To extract oil without any hassle, you can choose our 12 Volt portable fuel syphon. It allows you to apply a clean procedure for absorbing diesel or other non-toxic oil and release it through the hose.

Each product is tested stringently to meet industry standards. With us as your diesel oil pump partner, you can be rest assured of lasting productivity.

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Explore our range of diesel oil pumpsand opt for the one which suits your needs the most. You can call us to know in detail about our product range. You may also subscribe to our newsletters.

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