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Are you a business owner? Have you a thought about the basic safety of your employees? The truth is that your employees may get injured while working. To ensure their safety, you should be equipped with an adequate supply of first aid products.

A1 Plant Sales Ltd. offers fully equipped branded first aid kits for workplaces. Years of experience has taught us to pay attention to the medical needs at workplaces. Today, we have emerged as one of the leading online first aid kit retailers in the UK and we strive to offer the best products to our clients.

Our First Aid Products

We offer HSE compliant first aid dispenser meant for groups of twenty and fifty people. The kits consist of the basic items needed to ensure quick treatment after an accident. You can rest assured that our first aid products have exact manufacturing and expiry dates. 

An extensive product base of premium quality from our warehouse and a steadily growing employee base are the secrets behind the speedy and efficient processing of all your orders.  Our logistics partners take utmost care to deliver the items in a sound condition to your stated address. Detailed knowledge of all the items in our inventory allows us to help you when you call us to find out which first aid kit to purchase.

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