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Fuel Equipment

Fuel Equipment from A1 Plant Sales

If you are looking for high quality fuel equipment then A1 Plant Sales is the place you need to be for the best commercial, trade and DIY fuel equipment that you will ever need. We can supply a whole range of different fuel jerry cans, fuel transfer pumps and fuel pump nozzles.

We can supply a very large range of jerry cans from 5 litres to 20 litres, many of our jerry cans can come with wall mounted brackets, which can also be purchased separately and easy dispensing nozzles. Our jerry cans are made with heavy-gauge steel painted in black to reflect sunlight and to keep them cooler for longer, steel is the lightest material to be easily carried.. Jerry cans are corrosion resistant to avoid damage from petrol or diesel substances being stored in them for long periods of time.

We also supply fuel transfer pumps which can allow the movement of fuel, diesel or water from one container to another or perhaps from a vehicle into a container. We have a range of these on sale from manual one or powered fuel pumps. We also have some fantastic large fuel tanks with transfer kits which can be easily mounted onto the read of a truck so that large amounts of fuel can be dispensed into vehicles on the move.

Come and take a look at our wide range of fuel equipment supplies for the lowest possible prices around the UK from A1 Plant Sales Ltd!