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At A1 Plant Sales Ltd., we bring you highly efficient lay flat hoses at competitive prices. Whether you need hose pipes for domestic or commercial purposes, we can offer the right drainage solution. Tested to meet international standards of durability and performance, each of our lay flat hose pipes can last for years to come.

Our water pump hoses are available in a range of prices and diameters. Depending upon your needs and budget, you can choose the most appropriate pipes from our site. Made from PVC, the flexible pipes can resist harsh weather conditions and rough storage conditions.

Uses of Lay Flat Hoses

Lay flat hoses are generally used in the following industries:

·         Pharmaceutical

·         Food & beverage

·         Fuel

·         Agricultural sector

In the agricultural sector, they are used as irrigator hoses and injector hoses. 

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For assistance in selecting lay flat hose pipes, you can contact us. Our knowledgeable employees can use their technical experience to guide you through the product selection process.

A team of enthusiastic and highly motivated professionals work hard to address your requirements with efficiency and meticulousness. We thrive on our reputation for offering a smooth buying process and flawless delivery service.

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Order the most suitable lay flat hosefrom our site. We will try our level best to deliver you the product as quickly as possible.

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