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If you are looking for superior measuring tapes and accessories, you can explore our range of measuring equipment & levels.A1 Plant Sales Ltd. presents you with a large variety of premium products made in the UK.

High Quality Branded Products

Our offerings include measuring tapes, a variety of spirit levels, spirit level storage carry case bags, fibreglass surveyors tape and many more. You can find products from Stanley, Builders Brand, Nitrex and many other renowned manufacturers.

Tested to offer high performance, the items in our stock can be the ultimate solution to your measuring requirements. With experience in the field, we make sure that the products we stock are durable and the markings stay intact even after constant use.

The presence of a wide variety of products from a huge supplier base ensures constant supply of measuring equipment & levels.A large product base also makes sure that the items are available at an affordable price.

Avail our Holistic Service

With the aim to offer a complete service to our esteemed client base, we offer a quick service. We can efficiently deliver your ordered products within the given timeframe and to your stated address.

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