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With years of experience in the tool industry, A1 Plant Sales Limited has emerged as the one-stop shop for sourcing good-quality tools and plant machinery spares like suction hose. We provide our wide range of merchandise to both DIY as well as trade customers. Our premium grade suction hose are offered brand new and carry the UK manufacturer’s warranty.

We Offer Long-lasting PVC Suction Hoses

Our collection of light to mid-weight suction hoses have a wide application, including cesspool cleaning, construction de-watering, septic handling and agricultural use. We provide you with a wide price range, from £25 to £200. As for DYNATEC Suction hose 1 1/2 Delivery Pump Drainage 30 M Metre 38mm Coil Green Meter Medium Duty, it is extremely easy to handle. It is crush-resistant and you can use it as an irrigator hose or to clean the cesspit. Due to its hard wearing nature, this opaque green PVC is absolutely indispensable to general tasks. You can also have a look at our DYNATEC 1 inch Suction Hose 5mtr Long. This suction hose is also resistant to weather and good crush, but it is smaller in length and good for regular, daily tasks.

We Only Offer Premium Brands with Manufacturer’s Warranty

We only sell official branded merchandise to our clients. Our product selection does not include any gray market imports or used stock. Each of our products are fully covered with the manufacturer’s warranty and offer full value for your money.

If you are looking for long-lasting and high-end suction hose, look no further than A1 Plant Sales Limited.

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