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Welding Accessories and Equipment

Are you looking for the highest quality welding equipment and accessories at the lowest possible price online. A1 Plant Sales have everything you need and more from welding contact tips to Argon CO2 Gas Mix Bottles. 

We can provide you with a pack of 10 welding replaceable contact tips for as low as £7 all made with high grade welding materials. Perhaps you are looking for a range of welding connector cable sockets for you needs. 

Of course we also provide a range of different argon and CO2 mix gas bottles and pure argon gas, we stock from single 60 litre bottles to three 60 litre bottles. For your safety we also provide high grade welding masks including the DYNATEC Auto Darkening Welding Mig Headshield one of the highest selling products in the welding market and the number one choice for welding professionals. It has an automatic variable shade screen, which will dim your view automatically and you don’t have to worry about it every running out of battery, as it’s solar powered for your ease and convenience. 

Get the best possible welding equipment that is on the market today for the lowest possible prices from A1 Plant Sales! We offer all the major brands and provide the best possible service that you will find no where else. Contact us today or order some high grade welding accessories or equipment from our excellent range!